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Epitome launched in April 2020 as a company committed to finding solutions to the workforce challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

As new economic and technological opportunities arise, so do the risks of social disruption and widening inequality. Epitome leverages research and technology to design solutions that help bring out the best in people – the epitome of who you are.

” By understanding the epitome of who we are – the best we can be – governments, enterprise and individuals can build, rebuild and transform with technology and still place our humanity at the heart of how we think about work, learning and life.”

Estimated International Job Growth and Decline 2015 - 2020

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In 2020, CXS International rebranded as Epitome. CXS started in 2016 and quickly became one of the fastest growing startups in ASEAN. By 2019, CXS had won prestigious rankings in startup competitions in Malaysia and China but also secured service contracts with government agencies in Singapore and Malaysia, working with international partners from Europe, UK and the Middle East.

With a suite of proven solutions, national and enterprise case studies, and a highly experienced international leadership team with backgrounds spanning industries, Epitome is committed to helping the world realise its aspirations.


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